Interventions for prevention HIV/AIDS

Oct 19, 2011

Targeted Intervention for Injecting Drug Users (IDU)

Project Area Map

TI project is being implemented in Lucknow city with 400 IDUs (HRG). Project Goal is “Reduction in incidences of HIV/AIDS among population with high-risk behavior, so as to reduce morbidity, mortality and impact of epidemic in the District LUCKNOW.”. For better implementation and coverage cluster approach was used in selection of project area sites. Focus is given in highly vulnerable sites like Lavkush Nagar Site Vikas Bhawan, Samodipur, Akabar Nagar under Vikas Bhawan, Samodipur, Akabar Nagar, IT Crossing – I Babuganj, Nirala Nagar, Nadwan, Hanumaan Setu, IT Crossing –II   Pariwartan Chowk, Devghara Ghat, Globe Park, Aminabad  Site – Jhandewala Park, Guin Road, Auto Stand, Hanumaan Mandir, Naveen Gallamandi Site –Behind Gallmandi, Fazullaganj, Bhitauli, Puriniya Site –  Sagara Ghat, Puriniya, Khurram Nagar,  Charbagh Site – KKC, Bus stop, Chhoti line kinara, Ravindralaya, MabaiyaSite- Railway crossing, Sabji Mandi, Chowk Site- Nibu park surroundings, Near Shatabdi hospital,  Naka HindolaSite-  Husinganj chauraha, Bans mandi chauraha, Gurudwara & Near Deep Hotel.

 Major objectives of the project are as under-

  • 100% of IDUs population in the project area have access to services at least once in year
  • 100% of IDUs population in district LUCKNOW have accurate information on STD/HIV/AIDS within the period of one year through Behavior Change Communication.
  • 40 % of the IDUs receive STI care through SCM approach for 2 times in a year.
  • 60% of IDUs population of project area, who maintains sexual relations with his partner use condom correctly and consistently.
  • 50% of external stakeholders are involved in project activities.
  • 100% IDU receive fresh needles and syringes for intravenous drug use.
  • Strengthening of Crisis Management Committee.

Activities are performed in project area- 


Project Progress

ii-     Contact drive with existing group of IDUs and people who are engaged in supply chain.

iii-    Training/orientation of crisis committee on HIV/AIDS.

iv-    Cultural programs for the IDUs and their family members.

v-     Counseling for not sharing needles & syringes and free distribution of needles & syringes.

vi-    CapacityBuildingofPeer Educatorsand stakeholders.

vii-   Specific treatment for abscess cases through mobile medical unit and referral of critical cases to Govt. hospitals.

viii-  Referral of cases to PPP doctor for STI care and referral to ICTC for HIV testing.

ix-    Condom promotion will be done for prevention of HIV/STD and for enabling safe sex practices

x-     Advocacy with police department for providing support in smooth functioning of TI project.

Registered Office

A-43, Rajeev Nagar, Kanchana
Bihari Marg,Kalyanpur,
Ring Road, Lucknow-226022.
Tel no.: +91-0522–2751463

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