Oct 19, 2011

Sure Start Project – Mother and Neonatal Health Care Program
Sure Start Project is currently running in three blocks (Ramnagar & Masauli) of Barabanki district (U.P.) and Jarval block of Bahraich district of Uttar Pradesh with the support of CARE India & BAIF under PATH Sure Start. The objective of Sure Start Project is significantly increase individual, household and community action that directly & indirectly improves maternal and newborn health and to enhance systems and institutional capabilities for sustained improvement in maternal and newborn care and health status. Project focus on individual and public activities and to provide awareness about the precautions during pregnancy. Sansthan initiated this project for the safety of Mothers and Neonatal up to age of 27 days.

Sure Start Project Coverage

31 GPs of Ramnagar and 21 GPs of Masauli blocks of Barabanki district with the support of CARE.
27 GPs of Jarwal block of Bahraich district with the support of BAIF.

Objective of Sure Start Project

To encourage all the resources which affect the mother and neonatal health at personal, family and community level?
To enhance the strength of Govt. health system for sustainable improvement of mother and neonatal child health.

Main stakeholders of the project

Govt. Health Department Representatives like Doctors, Immunization Officer, Pathologists etc.
Frontline Health Service Providers like Trained Birth Attendants (TBA), Auxiliary Nurse Midwives (ANM), ASHA, AWW,  Medical Practitioners, Domin/ Baxorin etc.
Committees formed under NRHM like Village Health and Sanitation Committee (VHSC), Mothers Group (MG) and Rogi Kalyan Samiti (RKS)

 Community based organizations (CBOs) like Mahila Mandal and Self Help Groups.

Major Activities of the Project

Meeting with VHSC and Mothers Groups
Facilitation of RKS meetings at primary health centers with the support of medical officer incharge and other block level health stakeholders.
Training of ASHA and TBA on Mother and Neonatal health care
Formation and facilitation of Consortia meetings

Celebration of various important days for the promotion of best behavioral practices like celebration of Nutrition Week, Breastfeeding week, mothers day, Newborn week etc.

Registered Office

A-43, Rajeev Nagar, Kanchana
Bihari Marg,Kalyanpur,
Ring Road, Lucknow-226022.
Tel no.: +91-0522–2751463

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