Disaster Management

Oct 19, 2011

VRFPA Program

Village Resilience in Flood Prone Area (VRFPA) project has been implemented in 25 villages of Suratganj block in Barabanki district under PACS program supported by DFID for the purpose of mitigating the losses caused due to flood disaster. During this project, the organization formed several community based groups like Baboo Bahini Manch (BBM), Disaster Management Group (DMG), Voluntary Agencies for Sustainable Universal Development and emergency Voluntary Action (VASUDEVA) Club etc.

for achieving the following objectives :

Strengthening community social structure.
Preparing disaster affected community for disaster management.
Developing alternatives of livelihood for backward vulnerable in disaster affected areas.
Advocacy with concerned local Govt. department for the effective implementation of govt. schemes and flood policy.

Registered Office

A-43, Rajeev Nagar, Kanchana
Bihari Marg,Kalyanpur,
Ring Road, Lucknow-226022.
Tel no.: +91-0522–2751463
E-mail: info@sharnam.org
Website: www.sharnam.org

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