Vision, Mission


Shelter to all for knowledge, health, education and livelihood.


Strengthening of vulnerable society through awareness and sensitization.            


Objectives of Sharnam Sansthan

Strengthening of under-served & vulnerable society through awareness generation and increasing their access to health, education and livelihood opportunities. Organization objectives are focused in following areas-

A)  Health Issues-

i. Promoting positive behavior related to ANC & PNC during pregnancy for reducing maternal & infant mortality during pregnancy or delivery.

ii- Promotion of family planning services for improving mother & child health.

iii- Conducting awareness & sensitization programs for prevention of HIV/AIDS among high risk groups (HRG) and providing support to PLHA (People living with HIV/AIDS).

 B   Education for Girls & Dropouts children-

iv.   Promotion of girl’s education and main streaming of drop-outs children.

C)  Promotion of Skill Development Intervention-

v.  Introducing vocational training and skill development programs for youths and adolescent girls for preventing migration and improving livelihood opportunities in local areas.

D)  Promotion of Scientific & Advance Technology for Agriculture -

vi. Conducting capacity building programs for Farmers for adopting advance agriculture technology and promotion of organic farming.


Registered Office

A-43, Rajeev Nagar, Kanchana
Bihari Marg,Kalyanpur,
Ring Road, Lucknow-226022.
Tel no.: +91-0522–2751463

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