Our Projects

Targeted Intervention with Intravenous Drug Users (IDUs):

(Supported by Uttar Pradesh State AIDS Control Society)-

Organization is working for prevention of HIV/AIDS and for this purpose a targeted intervention project is being implemented in city of Lucknow. This project is being implemented at 7 hotspots of central part of the city. As per estimation about 2000 youths are in the grips of drug addiction but due to resource limitation sharnam sansthan is covering only 400 IDUs. The major objective of the program is to bring behavior change in injecting practices for preventing HIV infection among IDUs by introducing Needle Syringe Exchange Program (NSEP).  Another objective of program is the Harm Reduction by making people aware about safe injecting practices. Under the harm reduction approach of targeted intervention project, organization is giving following services to HRGs-

-       Introducing safe injecting practices.

-       Distribution of new needle & syringes to IDUs for ensuring each injecting episode is safe.

-       Behavior change for not sharing of needles/ syringes with others.

-       Regular health checkups of HRGs for timely detection and treatment of STI/STD.

-       HIV and syphilis testing of HRGs at regular interval of 6 months.

-       Sensitization of HRGs for positive thinking for prevention of HIV/AIDS.

-       Linking to positive HRG with district level positive people networks and to get enrolled them at ART center for proper testing (CD-4) and timely treatment.


Maternal & Infant Health Care – Sure Start Project

(Supported by CARE India & BAIF)-

Sharnam Sansthan has implemented Sure Start Project for Maternal & Infant Health Care in Barabanki and Bahraich districts of Uttar Pradesh. Sure start project was implemented in 51 village panchayats of Barabanki and 27 village panchayats of Bahraich district.  The goal of this project was to make people aware on mother & child health as well as Govt. health facilities available at PHC, CHC and district hospitals. It also supports to NRHM by facilitating meetings of VHSC (Village health & sanitation committee), meeting of mother’s group (Group of pregnant women) and active participation in the meeting of Rogi Kalyan Samiti (RKS). Organization team has a sound knowledge on best practices and behavior of rural people during pregnancy period.

Organization team has developed some local volunteers for spreading awareness on maternal and neonatal health. Project was mainly focused on following best practices-

1-    Birth preparedness related issues like- arrangement of money & transportation in case of any emergency, knowledge of recognizing danger signs before, during and after delivery

2-    Immediate and exclusive breastfeeding.

3-    Thermal care and Cord care.

4-    Capacity building of ASHA and AWW on maternal & neonatal health care.

5-    Support in preparing village health plan and discussion in VHSC meetings and also raising important issues in block level meetings of RKS.

Community Care Center for Living with HIV/AIDS (CCCs):

Sharnam Sansthan is running a Community Care Center for people living with HIV/AIDS in district Aligarh, U.P. It is supported by HLFPPT under global fund round IV –PACT project for promoting access, care & treatment to PLHAs. Community care center has facility of 10 bedded equipped with general medical equipments for better care & support to PLHAs. Center has a trained team of Medical practitioner (MBBS Doctor), Counselor, Staff Nurses, Outreach workers, Janitors and Cook. CCC works with close coordination of ICTC, ART center, DOT center, DLN (District level network of PLHAs), district hospital and district health administration. Total 996 HIV positive people are enrolled at center and the number is increasing day by day.

 Objectives of the program-

1-   Nutritional and counseling support to PLHAs

2-   Staying and medicinal facilities.

3-   Support in maintaining drug adherence level >95%.

4-   Family counseling for decreasing HIV stigma.

5-   Increasing access of PLHAs to govt. health facilites.


Urban Health Initiatives for Improving Maternal & Infant Health through Promotion of Contraceptive Measures

(Supported by Consortia Partners /Agencies)-

Sharnam Sansthan has taken an initiative for improving women & child health. The major objective of this intervention is to reduce maternal & infant mortality in urban slums through promotion of family planning measures. Organization is covering 46 slums of Aligarh city and is covering population of 0.156 million. Urban Health Initiative Interventions area being done to achieve following objectives-

1.    To Increase contraceptive use as a key intervention to reduce maternal and infant mortality. 

2.   To demonstrate effective strategies and approaches that can be replicated by GoUP, under national urban health mission or national health and family welfare programs.

A team of 78 Peer educators is implementing UHI interventions in field with support of 8 Outreach workers under close supervision FM&DC (Field monitoring & documentation coordinator) and Project coordinator. Entire project staffs (PC, FMDC, ORW and PEs) are well trained on project interventions.


Formation & Strengthening of Farmers Clubs for Improving Cultivation Practices

(Supported by NABARD)-

Organization is implementing this program for improving social & economic status of rural people especially of farmers by enhancing their knowledge on advance agriculture technology and accessibility to the resources and opportunities. For fulfilling this objective organization has formed 120 clubs of farmers in 120 odd villages of Ramnagar, Masauli, and Sirauli Gauspur and Dariyabad blocks of Barabanki district and 40 Farmers clubs in 40 villages of Hathras district of Uttar Pradesh. 


Each farmer’s club consists of 15 or more farmers. Capacities of farmers have been enhanced on various issues. Sharnam Sansthan has organized various exposure visits, orientation and training programs like training on soil testing, exposure on SRI method of paddy cultivation, vermin composting, seed production, commercial agriculture cultivation etc. Apart from these trainings organization has also developed 100 farmers as local resource persons on various technical issues.


Presently about 2000 farmers are attached with these farmer clubs and increasing their knowledge and strengths on different topics and agriculture related issues. Farmer’s clubs have also taken many initiatives for improving their economic status. The members of these farmer clubs met regularly and discuss their agriculture related issues and try to solve their problems at local level with support of limited resources. Farmer’s clubs also maintain their meeting minutes and records related to various activities. They also give support to other group members as and when required.


Self Helf Group Formation and Strengthening :

(Supported by NABARD)-

Women empowerment is the only key of holistic development of society. For bringing positive development changes in society organization has formed 50 SHGs with support of NABARD. Organization has developed & strengthened these SHG in Ramnagar and Masauli blocks of Barabanki. About 600 rural women are the members of these self help groups and are also engaged in some small level income generation activities like card box making, file cover making, local grocery/tea shop etc. SHG members are also working as behavior change agent through transferring their knowledge to other women in large group. Organization provides regular mentoring support to these SHGs.


Kishori Shakti Pariyojana (KSY):

(Supported by U.P. Mahila Kalyan Nigarm )

Organization is also running vocational training programs for adolescent girls with support of U.P.Mahila Kalyan Nigam, Lucknow. Total 120 adolescent girls have been enrolled for giving training on stitching & tailoring.  

Project on Disaster Management:

VRFPA Program

Village Resilience in Flood Prone Area (VRFPA) project had been implemented in 25 villages of Suratganj block in Barabanki district under PACS program supported by DFID for the purpose of mitigating the losses caused due to flood disaster. During this project, the organization formed several community based groups like Baboo Bahini Manch (BBM), Disaster Management Group (DMG), Voluntary Agencies for Sustainable Universal Development and emergency Voluntary Action (VASUDEVA) Club etc.

VRFPA project was implemented with the following objectives :

  • Strengthening community social structure.
  • Preparing disaster affected community for disaster management.
  • Developing alternatives of livelihood for backward vulnerable in disaster affected areas.
  • Advocacy with concerned local Govt. department for the effective implementation of govt. schemes and flood policy.

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