Community Care Center for People Living with HIV/AIDS

Health checkup of clients at CCC, Aligarh

Community Care Center was established in March 2009 in Aligarh city for providing care & counseling support to people living with HIV/AIDS. It was supported by Hindustan Latex Family Planning Promotion Trust (HLFPPT). Community care center provided its services to PLHIVs during March 2009 to March 2013. CCC was well equipped with general medical equipments & trained professionals to ensure better care & support to PLHAs. Community Care Center worked in a close coordination with Govt. Institutions like ICTC, ART center, DOT center, district hospital. CCC worked as a bridge between PLHA community and Govt. facilities for ensuring comprehensive care to PLHA.

Services at Community Care Center:

i.  ART Related Services-

  • Facilitating PLHA access to ART for Drug Adherence
  • Psychosocial support & counseling to People living with HIV/AIDS
  • Treatment of opportunistic infection

ii.  Non ART Related Services-

  • Counseling for positive prevention and reducing stigma & discrimination Support for home based care and giving nutritional & recreational facilities
Objectives of the program-

Sharing of Health Tips with Nutritive diet

1-   Nutritional and counseling support to PLHAs

2-   Staying and medicinal facilities.

3-   Support in maintaining drug adherence level >95%.

4-   Family counseling for decreasing HIV stigma.

5-   Increasing access of PLHAs to govt. health facilities.


Major Routine Activities

  • Different types of counseling such as Individual counseling, group counseling , family counseling and reproductive health counseling with recreations books,  games etc.
  • Timely assessment of client’s health by the Doctor with ward rounds and vital signs of the patient by each of staff nurse.
  • Medical prescription and treatment give to the Out- patient by the Doctor for  any side effect  and symptoms
  • Appropriates referrals to related Deptt. According to the need of the clients.
  • Continued Comprehensive Education Session on monthly basis are held for the updation of the knowledge of the staff in the supervision of Doctor and Project Coordinator.

Out reach Activities

Out reach activity includes address verification of each client registered at CCC, other includes follow –up visits to patients who are taking their ARV but inadequately and are referred to ART/CCC Center.

The other activity includes tracing out of MISS and LFU Patients to find out the reason and re-link to ART center.  And motivate them to restart and maintain their Adherence level.

All the above activities are performed according to the Geographical areas assigned to each Out- reach worker.

Registered Office

A-43, Rajeev Nagar, Kanchana
Bihari Marg,Kalyanpur,
Ring Road, Lucknow-226022.
Tel no.: +91-0522–2751463

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